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Kuala Lumpur , Kuala Lumpur

Created Wed, 5 Jan 2022

Open for all Malaysian must speak mandarin.

Job Responsivities\

  1. Lead the product or business development.

  2. Independently undertake architecture planning, construction and tuning.

  3. Expert in own field.

  4. Can make technical plans based on business.

  5. Participate in the improvement and formulation of the workflow and promote the team to achieve the goal

  6. Give the guidance to teammates and train up potential leader

  7. Able to give good technical recommendation on business.

  8. Can define standards and specifications.9. Can design systems with high maintainability, high scalability, and excellent performance, which the system is supporting:        -Grey scale        -Monitor        -Rollback

  9. Plan well on backup plan.

  10. Responsible for high complexity platform level products.

  11. Able to analyze business in great detail.13. Lead development.

  12. Able to make plans that solve business problems of product.


  1. Experienced in leading 30 engineers.

  2. Bachelor degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering.

  3. 6 - 8 years of professional experience in mobile application development.

  4. Responsible for conceptualizing and designing next generation features for mobile application.

  5. Translate business requests and prototypes into high quality mobile applications.

  6. Monitor, optimize and maintain high performance of the mobile application.

  7. Continuously research, evaluate and implement new mobile technologies and features

  8. Must have good discipline and understanding on source code design.

  9. Maintain & Develop SDK for product integration on mobile application.

  10. Maintain App Distribution Channel, such as Google Play Store and more.

  11. Able to lead the team to improve team’s capabilities, application quality and development process. Automation is a bonus.

  12. Interact with others teams to develop a high quality application.

  13. Able to independently manage resource to meet business goals