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Created Thu, 6 Jan 2022

Candidate should have hands on experience developing in-house product, not solely product marketing related, product operations, project management

Some examples of companies where product managers(not limited to and not with no exception) with such exposureare Grab, Gojek, Fave, core platforms in Visa/Masters/Banks
Candidate should have experience working on product with "ecosystem" or "network" type of products, where it is not limited to only 1 business line but have to deal with balancing product decisions, and strategies across and able to formulae a framework or methodology, what is the overall product strategy for growing the business.
Payment, financial services, marketplace, ecommerce is a plus point.
Know where we are, where want to get to, what to do to get there.
Know who is our customers, what are their needs, and how we can deliver it to them
Translate technology and capabilities, into business strengths and value

The Head of Product to lead its innovative team and digital platform development.  Our mission is to simplify everyone’s personal finance management. To be the primary driver of the Company’s product vision; overseeing the development, management, and execution of the product and its roadmap based on the adopted strategies and vision. 

This position requires that a person closely work with the engineering, design, marketing, sales, and other departments. 

The position also requires that the incumbent be adept at

synthesizing various technologies and capabilities into the business’s

products in such a way that partners and consumers will love.