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This role primarily exists to perform IT testing functions as part of Company IT Quality & Compliance function. This role primary focus will be performing the testing activities for Company IT systems and solutions within cost, quality and time targets.
Guide: The critical / main objective of the job

This includes

·         ongoing development and maintenance of Test cases for manual and automated testing across division;

·         executing and reporting on assigned testing activities for software releases and upgrades for the division’s IT systems and solutions.

·         adherence to standards and work practices to ensure that IT systems and operational processes meet business expectations for quality and comply with required policies and standards

A secondary function of this role is to be an active participant of supporting and mentoring test analysts in the team.   


Functional Leadership Objectives

  • Demonstrate personal ownership of safety through proactive risk based decision making

·         Deliver superior results that create company value through a focus on operational excellence

·         Demonstrate and ensure commitment to company values and operational priorities

·         Display fairness, build trust and maintain respectful relationships through open lines of communication vertically and horizontally

·         Support and work with the team lead in delivering the testing tasks within the defined timelines

·         Mentor and support test analysts within the test team, helping them in achieving excellent results

Guide: The job’s key responsibilities, objectives, deliverables, functions and activities. (Functional Leadership Objectives to remain unchanged)

Functional Objectives

·         Demonstrate Self-motivation and proactive approach towards the tasks assigned

·         Ensure feedback and initiatives from the team lead are imeplemnted

·         Perform analysis on approved solution desing documents to come up with sufficient test scenarios to vlidate the solution’s adherance to business requirements

·         Develop and deliver test cases to execute the agreed test scenarios within timelines defined

·         Utilise agreed methods and measures to produce reliable results

·         Achieve the goals and objectives set by the team lead with in agreed timelines

·         Perform work assigned with adequate quality

·         Perform work as a team player and communicate with other team members in professional manner

Support team lead in co-ordinating the testing tasks and in reporting results

Guide: Refer Functional Objectives Standards Document for Business Unit Manager selections as applicable

Role Specific Deliverables

·         Demonstrate Ability to work autonomously and within a team environment under direction of team lead

  • Participate in the solution design from the concept phases to understand test scenarios
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders including product owners, business analysts and developers
  • Ensure appropriate testing standards and quality measures defined by team lead are followed

·         Develop test cases, test suites for both automated and manual test cases using Company proprietary automation tool and establish traceability to stated business requirements

·         Prepare testing suites to ensure that new and changed Company systems and solutions are tested effectively to deliver quality outcomes and meet business requirements.

·         Execute test cases on releases, upgrades and any new implementations to the Company IT Systems and Solutions

·         Record the outcomes of testing activities in Company Approved test management tool HP QC

  • Follow the Company approved defect management process ensuring timely reporting of defects that are affecting system and testing process

·         Provide accurate and timely reporting on testing activities to the team lead

·         Participate and support the software development life-cycle (SDLC) in all phases across division.

Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
Guide: These are specific accountabilities and actions that are intrinsic to the success of the role
Five to ten maximum preferable 


Education / Qualifications                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                           (Essential)       (Desirable)

-Tertiary qualifications in Computer Science/IT or related discipline or equivalent        Yes

-Master degree in Business or related discipline.                                                                                          Yes

-Industry Certifications in Testing or IT Quality Assurance                                                                          Yes

-Membership of industry networks, bodies and affiliations                                                                          Yes

Guide: The level and type of education / qualification required to perform the job competently and compliantly

Experience                                                                                                                            (Essential)       (Desirable)

-Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar senior test analyst role, testing enterprise      Yes

solutions for a large, geographical dispersed organisation. 

-Previous experience in Application Lifecycle Management in testing phase with              Yes

participation in Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, and Deployment phases 

of solutions

-Strong Testing and Quality Assurance experience                                                               Yes

-Solid experience with Agile methodologies                                                                           Yes

-Proven ability with Microsoft Technologies and related products and experience in                                        Yes

testing these produc

-Proven experience in working with HP QC                                                                                                              Yes

Guide: The minimum previous experience required to achieve the objectives and deliverables of the job 


Guide: Refer HD Competency Framework 

                             SAFETY  –   PEOPLE   –  CUSTOMERS

Name                                                                  (Code)                (Proficiency Level) 

Driving Change & Performance                    (LEAD002)          (P2)

Emotional Intelligence                                   (LEAD003)          (P2)

Leveraging Talent                                           (LEAD005)           (P2)

Sustainability Orientation                             (LEAD007)           (P2)

Managing Diversity                                        (LEAD006)           (P2)

Attention to Detail (Quality Orientation)    (PERS003)         (P3)

Leveraging Technology                                  (PERS013)           (P3)

IT Quality Management                                   (JSIT012)           (P3)

Governance, Control and Risk Management    (JSRC006)           (P3)

Information Technology (IT) Governance Processes (JSRC007)   (P1)

The significant interactions both organisationally within the company and with external bodies outside the Company 


Peers, Direct Reports, management team , Business Process teams and Functional Support Teams


Service Providers, Caterpillar and other dealers, Software Vendors, Consultants

Dimension  : Value/Description
Annual Business Unit sales or revenue : $N/A
Annual direct expenses managed or controlled: $ 
Purchasing Authorisation Level : Level 3 Assets managed/capital employed

                                                                      Decisions Expected:
                                                                         • Control direct expenses in line with budget

Decision-making authority and typical            Recommendations Expected:
types of decisions made.                                   • Any expenditure that exceeds the authorised level

                                                                        • Changes to staffing levels for the Business Unit

                                                                        • Potential technology

                                                                        • Standards and frameworks for adoption
Guide: A summary of the position in terms of its impacts, financial accountabilities, and decision making limits. Not all of the items will apply

If unsure please refer to your manager or the Purchasing Authority Levels guide on Company Documents (F&A02 Procedures)



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