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Job Description

of Quality Director

Set strategy,
policy, planning and system relating to quality control. To improve product
quality,enhance customer satisfaction, achieve the strategic goal of the

1.Set the development strategy and yearly operation and selling plan

2. In charge of the strategic for quality control
and manage all the related works

3. Evaluate the policy, process, system, SOP of
quality control, monitor and ensure all the procedures are executed

4. Set quality control policy, set the quality policy
for respective target group

5. Provide guidance and establish ISO9000 quality
control system, organize relevant personnel for the implementation
operation of the qc system.

6. In charge of the quality control of the supply
chain, provide guidance on the quality control for the products
    supplied by
the suppliers and to the overseas clients.

7. In charge of the evaluation of the key client,
execute rights to accept /reject the quality

8.In charge of organizing meetings regarding to
quality control, to work with all the departments for the development,

   improvement of product quality and to save cost

9.Provide, get involved in all the risk and
accidents relating to quality control. 


  • Accomodation will be provided
  • Meal allowance will be available 
  • Year end bonus :2-3 months salary

Job Requirements

  1. Age 40-45 years old.
  2. Chinese, must be good in Chinese and English. Must be able to communicate with clients from Europe and USA
  3. Familiar with injection molding / finishing blanking / car spare parts
  4. Familiar with customers e.g Bosch, Hella, ALPS
  5. T2 Background

Job Location
Ning Bo, China 



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RMB400000-RMB450000 (inclusive of year end bonus)