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 Deliver coaching/training to SISC+ & SIP+ & PPD/ JPN personnel
 The emphasis will be capacity building in terms of teaching & learning and leadership along with organisational enhancement.
 Capacity to utilize training materials provided with maximum impact.
 Deep understanding of change management strategies which can be applied in a variety of settings.
 Excellent time management skills.
 Team building skills.
 Ability to analyze and utilize data.
 Effective feedback and feed forward skills.
 Understanding of and experience in coaching as a vehicle for capacity building.
 A post-graduate degree in Education or other relevant fields.
 Minimum 10 years of relevant working experience in the education sector which includes a combination of teaching, teacher training and educational leadership experience.
 Experience in training adults preferred.
 Experience of designing, delivering and evaluating effective Continuous Professional Development programmes.
 Excellent communicator, empathetic and capable of developing strong rapport with people
 Capacity to work in isolation as well as in a team, resilient educator, capable of managing complex and competing demands whilst understanding the key imperatives of the project.



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